You live it three times every trip:
When you dream it, when you live it
and when you remember it

When an optical illusion meets an object of day to day use like a coffee cup, a unique product comes to light:
Caffè con vista.

The technique is surprisingly simple:
the image on the saucer, circular in form and suitably distorted, jumps out to three-dimensional life when the cup is placed on its center.

Catch the world in your cofee cup

“Caffè con vista” sets are produced with an exclusive design using high quality materials like Bone China porcelain and platinum coating.

The Bone China with which the saucers and the cups are made, is a very high quality level of porcelain, particularly used in english ceramics (in fact it was first adopted by Royal houses and presidential porcelain production) and which gives the product a particularly brillant white luminousity.

The cup’s porcelain is also coated with a reflecting decal that contains a percentage of platinum to guarantee the anamorphic effect for the best mirroring of the saucer’s image.

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