Caffè Con Vista set of 4 cups // ennobled large format box with casket opening // size cm

Scatola da 4_openScatola da 4_close

Caffè Con Vista set of 2 cups // ennobled box large format with casket opening // format cm

set box 2_openset box 2_close

Caffè Con Vista set of 1 cup // ennobled box large format with casket opening // format cm

Seta scatola da 1_openset box 1 close

Caffè Con Vista set of 1 cup // small natural box covered with melamine-faced cardboard stocking // size cm

set box 1_simple_open copiaset box 1_simple_close copia

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A gift is also called “a present” because we want to give it with special emphasis, and the ritual of donating
and receiving it is linked to the beauty and the mystery that the gift package represents.
The first thing that hits our feelings is the wrapping with its form, dimensions, colour and the material of which it is made which attracts our attention lighting our expectancy and curiosity.
The package anticipates the surprise that is inside, but many times the beauty of the gift package is a gift in itself that we would like to save together with the present inside, because it is part of its value. In fact many are those who save the boxes of their presents, sometimes reusing them, or displaying them as original memory tokens.
For the Caffè con Vista cups collection, we want to give a foretaste of the wonder of the gift inside already from its wrapping,
with a precious solution: a specially designed box, enhanced by foil printing and Deluxe cardboard, conceived for immediate enjoyment, to look at, to hold, but also with its function, to display together with the gift or to safely keep it for a long time thereafter.
A practical box, lightweight, elegant and safe for a gift that should be love at First Sight for those who love Rome
and wish to have those who have not been there also fall in love with this magic city .

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