The present Selling Conditions rule the offer and sale to the consumer of products through the website (hereinafter called the “WebSite”) owned by RSLIFE360SRL are hereby stated and provided in conformity with what is foreseen by Italian Law d.lgs. 6 Settembre 2005 n.2016 (the so called “Consumer’s Code) and with any other legal regulation applicable to electronic commerce.
It is within your rights to request additional information through our Client Support assistance services . For any other information of legal nature in relation to using our website and to purchases made through the website you may consult the sections: Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookie, Shipment and Delivery, Payments, Right of Withdrawal, Legal Guarantee of conformity, Withdrawal of a used product of equivalent type, that we invite you to periodically consult as the Selling Conditions to check for possible updates or modifications.

The parties to the contract are the following:
The “Client”: the final consumer that is any physical person that purchases goods through the Web Site with a different objective than that of its own commercial, business or professional activity carried out;
RSLIFE360 SRL offers to sell on the WebSite its products and and carries out electronic commerce exclusively in regards to final users that are “end consumers” as above defined (hereinafter called “The Consulmer”). In consideration of said commercial policy we therefore reserve ouselves the right not to follow-up with orders coming from subjects different from the Consumer . If you are not a Consumer we therefore invite you to abstain from concluding commercial transactions on the WebSite.
The languages in which a contract with RSLIFE360 SRL can be concluded are Italian and English.

Application and modifications to the selling conditions
Before making a purchase through the WebSite the Client must declare that he/she has read and understood the present Selling Condition as well as all the indications provided during the purchasing process as well as the contents of the following sections: Terms of utilization, Privacy Policy and declares to accept them in their fully without any sort of reservation.

RSLIFE360 SRL reserves itself the right to change the present Selling Conditions and the other documents above listed, giving notice of said changes by highlighting them in the WebSite.
We invite you therefore to consult periodically the WebSite to check for the presence of possible updates or modifications. Each modification shall become applicable after its publicationon the WebSite.
The Selling Conditions applicable to a purchase shall always be those ruling at the date the related order has been given.

Characteristics and prices of the products:
RSLIFE360 SRL offers for sale on the WbeSite exclusively products marked with its own name. RSLIFE360 SRL does not sell on the WebSite second-hand products, irregularly manufactured of quality inferior to those with corresponding standards offered by the market.
The essential characteristics of the products are presented within each corresponding description sheet of the product. The images and the colors of the various prodcuts offered for sale on the WebSite could however change and/or not exactly correspoding to the real product due to the effects caused by the browser or monitor utilised.

The products are offered for sale at the price indicated on the WebSite at the time the related Purchase Order is made (re. Infra). The prices of the products may be subject to modifications or changes. We invite you to check the final purchase price before sending in the related order form to therefore confirm the purchase.
The prices indicated on the WebSite must be understood to including VAT and, save for a precise to this effect, do not include additional costs for shipping and delivery where applicable, which nothwistanding are made known to the Client by means of appropriate indications present in the WebSite and stated during the purchasing procedure.

Concluding the Contract
To purchase one or more products from the WebSite, the Client must fill in and forward electornically to RSLIFE360 SRLhis/her respective purchase order (hereinafter called “ Purchase Order”) following the instructions that shall be provided stepwise during the purchasing procedure. All the purchasing phases are clearly described by means of the WebSite pages as well as the related texts and graphics. In the Purchase Order, which will be displayed entirely before concluding the contract and in any case before the payment of any amount, will be provided synthetical information on the essential characteristics of each product ordered, the price (inclusive of all applicable taxes and duties) and the possible shipping costs and/or related applicable costs.

Through the electronically transmission of his/her Purchase Order the Client accepts unconditionally and engages him/herself to abide in his/her relations with RSLIFE360 SRL concerning his/her purchase the present Selling Conditions. If you do not agree with some of the terms of the Selling Conditions, we invite you not to transmit your Purchase Order.

Following the receipt of your Purchase Order, RSLIFE360 SRL will check the availability of the product ordered in its stock and after said checking will send to the Client by email its purchase order receipt confirmation with the present Selling Conditions and include the instructions related to order withdrawal rights and therefore all the information already previously contained in the commercial and contractual conditions displayed at the time of the forwarding the purchase order.

The selling contract is considered concluded and perfected at the time RSLIFE360 SRL sends to the Client electronically its confirmation of having received the Purchase Order filled in and forwarded after checking the data provided and transmitted.

The Purchase Order will be filed in our data bank for the time necessary for its fulfilment and in any case not beyond the terms of Law.

RSLIFE360 SRL reserves itself the right not to follow-up those Purchase Orders that are incomplete or not correct or not coherent with its commercial policy as quoted in paragraph 1 of the present Selling Conditions as well as in the case of the ordered products undexpectatly not being available . In these cases we will provide to inform you that the contract has not been concluded and that RSLIFE360 SRL cannot follow-up with the Purchase Order indicating the reasons.

In particular should the products present on the WebSite not being available nor for sale at the time of your logging into the WebSite, or at the date of sending in the Purchase Order form, it shall be care of RSLIFE360 SRL to immediately inform you of the unavailability of the Products. In said case the contract shall not be concluded and if already concluded for whatsoever reason, it shall be considered automatically cancelled and no payment shall be requested from you.

Whatsoany contractural or extracontractual liability for direct or indirect loss or injury caused by RSLIFE360 SRL not accepting a Purchase Order for the above indicated reasons is explicitly excluded.

Products Booking
Through the “Products Booking” service you can buy those products that are not yet available at the time of your forwarding a Purchase Order, but that RSLIFE 360 SRL engages itself to send you as soon as they are available again.
After receiving by email your Purchase Order through your Booking form that you will have duly completed and forwarded to us, prior to our checking the data provided and transmitted, RSLIFE360 SRL will send you an email containing al the information concerning the product’s availability, its shipment and delivery estimate.
By sending this email it will be understood that the purchasing contract will be considered as concluded. For what is not specifically described in the present paragraph , the present Selling Conditions are to be considered as safeguarded and applied.

Shipment and Delivery
The products purchased through the WebSite shall be delivered by RDLIFE360 SRL by neabs if a courier to the address indicated on the Purchase Order.
The timing of delivery may vary on the basis of the product’s availability on stock or to the characteristics of its promotion. Suche variations shall be timely comunciated by RSLIFE360 SRL by means of an email or any other method of comunications.
In case the Courier is not able to make its delivery for whatsoever reason, it shall leave a notification of its visit.
Shipping costs can be consulted on the page “Shipment Costs”.
At the time of delivery of the goods the Client should write on the couriers copy of delivery receipt the statement “ Subject yet to checking”

Payment of pruchase orders may be made as follows:
By Credit Card belonging to the Visa/MasterCard/American Express networks;
Through the PayPal platform;By selecting this system during the purchasing procedure, you will be re.directed to the secure PayPal server where you by loging-in with your personal credentials you may complete the payment by debit to your credit card, bank account or electronic wallet;
By Bank transfer into RSLIFE360 SRL bank accout IBAN IT XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

In case of payment by Credit Card, the financial data (for example credit card number or expiration date) shall be forwarded through a cryptographic protocol to the banks that provide the electronic long distance services, without the possibility of a third party having access to them. Said information furthermore shall never be used by RSLIFE 360 SRL if not to complete the procedures related to your purchase and to issue reimbursements in case of possible product returns following your exercising your Right to Withdrawal or else should it be necessary to prevent or notify the police of fraud being committed to the WebSite.

The purchase price of the products and the shipment costs, when applicable, shall be debited at the time of shipment of the purchased products.
In case of payment by PayPal, the actual debit shall take place at the date of RSLIFE360 SRL’s sending the email confirmating the purchains order.
Before completing the order you will have the right to request an Official Fiscal receipt as indicated during the purchasing procedures. We inform you that it will not be possible to request such a fiscal receipt after the completion of the procedure and forwarding the related Purchaing Order.

Withdrawal Rights (art.52 and following Italian d.lgs. 6 Settembre 2005 n. 206)
The Client has the right to withdraw from the contract through a written notification that will allow for the identification of said Client and his contract, to be sent by registered letter with acknowlodgement of receipt to the following address:
RSLIFE360 SRL att. Client Service, VIA TACITO 64 – 00193 ROME-ITALY
As an alternative the notification can be sent, within the same terms, by e-mail to the following address :

The withdrawal right is applicable only if it is exercised within and not beyond 30 calendar days from the date of delivery of the products. As soon as RSLIFE360SRL receives the withdrawal notification shall without delay contact the Client by telephone to give him the address of the location to which the products should be sent back; The Consumer shall therefore assure the sending back of the products to RSLIFE360SRL according to said indications within and not beyond the following 14 days. RSLIFE360SRL, within 14 days after its receipt of the withdrawal notification, shall wholly reimburse the amount paid by the Client. The costs of sending back the products to RSLIFE360SRL shall be at the Client’s charge.
The essential condition to exercise the Withdrawal right is the substantial undamaged state of the products to be returned .
For further information concerning the Withdrawal Rights, the RSLIFE360SRL Client Service can be contacted either by Phone at: +39 3465053283 or by e-mail at :

You may obtain informaton on how we treat your personal data by reading the Privacy Policy sheet that we invite you to consult periodically as well as the present Sellin Conditions, to check for any possible updates or modifications. For other conditions concerning the use of the WebSite we further ask you to read, if you haven’t done so yet, our Terms for its use and our information on the Cookies, that we invite you to consult periodically as the present Selling Conditions to check for the presence of possible updates or amendments.

Client Service: For any type information or complaint it is possible for you to contact the RSLIFE360SRL Client Service – VIA TACITO 64 – 00194 ROME-ITALY
Phone : +39 346 5053283

Access to the page of the WebSite (hereinafter called “the Site”) requires that the user accepts the following Terms of Use.

The Site’s ownership belongs to RSLIFE360SRL. The Site has scope of giving information and exercising e-commerce. By accessing or using our website, you agree to these terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms of use you may not use our website.
RSLIFE360SRL invites the users of the Site to periodically consult the present Terms of Use and other sections of the Site such as the information sheet on the Privacy Policy (treatment of personal data), the information sheet on Cookie Policy (use of Cookies) and the Selling Conditions to check for the presence of possible updates or amendments.

Industrial and Interlectual ownership
RSLIFE360SRL is the exclusive owneer of the Site’s contents, including by way of example and not exhaustive, the texts, documents, images, logos, photographs, pages layout, design, the know-how and the products offered for sale; Some of the forementioned contents are protected by copyrights, trade marks, patents, models an/or other industrial and intellectual property rights recognized by Italilan and International laws and regulations.
No content of the Site can be considered or understood as being given in license by RSLIFE360SRL or being subject to whatsoany other right of use on behalf of the user an/or third party.

Use of the Site
The e-commerce services offered by the Site are ruled by the Selling Conditions. The users are authorized to down-load, visualize or print the contents of the Site exclusively for personal use and for none commercial nature, with such a manner as not causing any prejudice to the industrial and intellectual owenership rights of RSLIFE360SRL.
The contents of the Site canot in any case be used for a different scopes,including by way of example and not exhaustive, their distribution, modificatio, reproduction, transmission or dissemination, without the prior written approval on behalf of RSLIFE360SRL.

The Users, independently have access to the Site by their own will and at their own risk it being understood that RSLIFE360SRL assumes no responsibility in respect of any damage or prejudice suffered in any manner by users in consequence to their access or downloading of whatsoever material present in any capacity on the Site, including viruses, malaware or other malicious electronic software contents present on the Site.
RSLIFE360SRL reserves itself the right to interrupt or suspend any service whatsoever provided by the Site, in any moment and without assuming any responsibility or engagments of any nature whatsoever in relation to said suspension or interruption of the services provided by the Site caused by actions or omissions by RSLIFE360SRL or third parties.
RSLIFE360SRL does not answer for the contents of other web site that could be made accessible through a link or mulimedial connection present in the Site, it being understood that said links are provided only to allow the users to have access to more complete information. The users are not authorized to create link or connections to the Site without the prior written authorization on behalf of RSLIFE360SRL.

For whatsoany information concerning the use of the Site and the present Terms of Use you can contact our Client Service at the following:
RSLIFE360SRL Client Service – VIA TACITO 64 – 00193 ROME-ITALY
Phone: (+39 346 5053283)
E-mail: (

Applicable Law
The Site, as it is presently configured in terms of layout and contents, is designed to be used by users living in Italy and/or Abroad and RSLIFE360SRL therefore cannot guarantee that that its contents conform to the Law of all nations. Any dispute related to the Site or arising from its use and its contents shall be ruled by Italian Law. Further provisions, provided that it is understood that the contents of the Selling Conditions, of the Privacy Policy, of the Cookie Policy, the present Terms of Use represent the entire agreement between RSLIFE360SRL and the Site’s user with reference to his using the said Site. Possible other terms and conditions applied by RSLIFE360SRL in respect to the Site’s Users shall be considered as additional in respect to the present. In case any of the present provisions should be cancelled or declarer null or in any case not applicable, the remaining provisions shall remain fully valid and effective.

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