The observer,
in the center of the scene

When you visit a place that touches you with its atmosphere, you would like to save it beauty in a photograph, but not always do images allow you to re-live the magic of the place later on.
It’s for this that we asked ourselves how to keep a full vision immersion starting from a photograph.
We found a solution in anamorphic art, a technique conceived by renaissance and baroque artists to create distorted images painted on a plane surface that could be correctly viewed only from a vantage point or reflected on a mirror.
Thanks to our distortion algorithm, deposited and patented, we are able to create 360° images that through their being reflected on a mirror surface place the viewer in the center of the undeformed scene.

a ritual of conviviality

We decided to apply our idea to a first item
that best represented Italian culture, and immediately a cup of espresso crossed our minds.
We chose the cup because it represents in the Italian culture’s conviviality, exchange, rituality…
Also because despite all the technological changes in Italian history,
coffee has remained a landmark of our society, and an unchanged tradition.
Coffee unites people, promotes socialization, is a convivial pleasure and at the same time, an intimate and personal ritual.

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